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A Christmas Tradition Continues

Now that we're a new family of three, and it's Christmas time, I decided to carry on a tradition from my side of the family. Ever since I can remember as a child, my mom would make matching Christmas pajamas for the family. So this year I wanted to do the same.

Since things are a little more hectic this year with feeding a newborn around the clock, I decided to shop online at Joann Fabric versus in store. I knew I wanted to use some type of flannel fabric, and I'm currently digging buffalo check. I guess who isn't right now? I found this one which happens to now be 60% off! Linked HERE

I knew for mine I wanted to mix prints. I have seen this done a few times and wanted to give it a try, so I decided my mix print would be this one. Linked HERE

Now, for patterns..

When I made Tom and I matching robes I found one pattern packet that included mens and women's and that's what I was hoping to find for this as well. I found Simplicity 1504. This one includes a women's shirt dress, or women's shirt and pants as well as the same for men. I decided to make the dress for myself and pants for Tom.

Obviously, baby Knox isn't quite big enough for this pattern so I went with a bunting for him, using See and Sew B6364.

For Tom and Knox, I used only the Buffalo Check. The newborn size was quite a bit too big for Knox. For reference, he's 9 pounds and two ounces. So, if anyone is looking to recreate this, I would size down bit.

Tom's pants are pretty straight forward and went together quickly. And for mine, I decided to use the Buffalo check for the back, and left side and sleeve, and also the pocket. For the right side and sleeve I used my alternate pattern. I sized up to a medium to give myself some extra room, but probably should have stuck to a small. I'm still happy with the way it looks and it's super comfy. The fabric is very warm and soft which is perfect for my little man.

I think it's safe to say this is a tradition I plan to keep until Knox and Tom refuse me hah! Hopefully I've got a little while before that happens.

And here's a little throw back action for you! Circa early 1990's.


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