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Reupholstering my outdoor furniture

We’re almost a year and a half in from having purchased the home we’re in now – and it’s been project after project. Although, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself it weren’t. We’re budgeting a new deck this year (as this one is in very rough condition). The deck is right off our living room with french doors and large windows which sounds nice except for this rotting deck and yucky stained patio furniture is such an eyesore. While we try to devise a plan for the deck I decided to go on and reupholster the furniture because it’s actually driving me insane.

We have one couch and two chairs to cover. Our deck isn’t currently covered so I need durable stain and fade resistant fabric – esp with two kids and two dogs. As always, JOANN Fabrics is my go to – and here’s a breakdown of what I ordered. For the couch and chair cushions – I went with Richloom’s Solarium Remi Patina

I like to keep my bases neutral so I can have fun with pillows and decor.

For my pillows I ordered Solarium in Citrus sapphire – I mean COME ON!

And I simply couldn’t pass up stripes so I also ordered Cabana Black. I love a good classic black and white stripe.

I do really still love my outdoor furniture. My husband and I bought it when we got married nearly 6 years ago and so it’s just time to give it a little love. One thing I really disliked about this outdoor set is that the fabric can’t be removed from the cushion so once they got dirty there was really no going back. So I decided this go around to select stain resistant fabric – I’ve used Richloom fabrics before so I know it’s actually durable. And secondly, I decided to make it easier on myself by covering the cushions so that I can remove the covers and throw them in the wash.

For the pillows, I just covered what I already owned and didn’t leave an opening. I can just throw the whole pillow in the wash.

My mom came over and helped me one Saturday afternoon and we knocked it out pretty quickly. I love the way it turned out and was much more cost effective covering what I already owned versus buying more foam. It makes such a difference – even from inside the house.

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