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Baby P's First MeMade Outfit

It’s October, which means baby P is so close to making his debut. And ya'll already KNOW he’s going to be sporting some handmade clothes just like his momma!

As many of you know, my mom and I enjoy sewing together, and we’ve loved exploring a new isle of JOANN. Yup, you guessed it - the “baby/nursery” fabric section. If you’ve kept up with my posts you know that his nursery is safari/jungle themed and I’m a stickler for staying on theme. I totally freaked for this (linked here) safari animal print! I mean come on, how stinking cute!

Can’t say I’ve ever looked through the baby patterns before but fell for this cute McCall’s pattern 7827.

As it turns out, baby patterns are quite easy quick projects. Shocker right? I guess when there’s not a lot of fabric and consists mainly of elastic you’re in store for an easy project. All that to say this is just first of many for baby Prosser!

I’m thinking of purchasing some additional fabric for a little swaddle blanket since it matches the room so well!


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