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Customizable Fabric is my personal dream come true.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with the customizer section on the JOANN website. (can be found here. )

This changes the game for me. I HATE when I find the most amazing inspo and then can’t find fabric to match what I want to do. What’s even worse is finding a print or color that you LOVE, but it’s the wrong fabric type. You know what I’m talking about right?! Well, that’s no more. You can upload your own design or modify current ones. For this particular project I modified an existing design which you can find here. (crinkle chiffon is the fabric type I selected) The fabric was at my house in under a week!

This is a project some of you guys probably saw for a few weeks. First came the inspo, then the fabric, and then the pattern.

The pattern is Simplicity 9237. I went with my usual size and it was PERFECT! I’ll probably be wearing this skirt every day. It’s just SO easy to put together multiple outfits and perfect for a hot TN fall.


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