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Deck the Halls, or at least the front porch

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

What. A. Year. Am I right???

I don’t know about you guys, but ya girl has been looking forward to a bit of Christmas cheer around the house. And by Christmas cheer, I mean non-breakable decor that’s out of reach of my VERY active one-year-old. I’m a bit more limited (on what I can, and what I’m willing to risk) this year as opposed to years past, but oh so worth it.

Well it all started when I told my husband I just needed to run a quick errand if he could watch the bebe for, “I dunno, an hour tops” (his fault if he believed that lie. Yall with me?) Anyway, I called my mom and said meet me at JOANN let’s go SHOPPING! A couple of hours and a couple of carts full later I was ready to get my decorating on!

I decided I wanted to decorate the outside more than I usually do because with COVID I think a lot of people will be driving by to look at lights in neighborhoods maybe more this year than in the past. And as a child, I absolutely loved doing this. Now, as much as I wish I were a Clark Griswald the reality is I’m horrified of heights and start shaking once I hit step two on a ladder….. so that ruled out hanging lightson the roof. And trust me I tried to talk my husband into it. I’ll convince him eventually.

So I looked up some inspiration on Pinterest as I often do and decided to decorate my front door and little side table. I’ll share with you what I bought first.

Not available online but love this one too!


I started by blinging out my wreath. I loooove gold and wanted everything to match so I went with a plain wreath so I could add to it. I bought three little gold Christmas florals and just stuck them down into the wreath. I didn’t want to involve super glue, because I may want to change it up. I love having a more simple wreath so you can switch it up for the seasons.

I wrapped some empty boxes so if they do end up stolen off my porch I will be the one with the last laugh ya know? Hah

I absolutely love the way it all turned out! And I hope others will enjoy it too!


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