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The three of us (in the height of the pandemic) last year had a tie dye party and had so much fun we decided to do it again. Yes, I’m still bitter that you guys voted on my Instagram stories that you liked Tom’s better than mine. So here we are again!

I picked up all of my supplies from JOANN. I got a Gildan white sweatshirt for myself (Linked Here, $10.49), and a Gildan tshirt for Tom (Linked here $4.49) . I also picked up the TULIP tie dye kit (Linked here) which comes with tons of rubber bands, gloves, and tablecloth. So really, everything you need. I feel it necessary to mention that tie dying with a toddler is a risk you need to be willing to take. He LOOOVED it but he’s, well, we’ll say high energy so it made me nervous with the dye, but totally worth it. I let him pick all of his colors which he had a blast doing.

The kit comes with instructions and various methods. I tend to like a more “Urban Outfitters” tie dye look. While Tom likes the more “traditional” approach.

For mine, All I did is scrunch up the fabric and then wrap it with about 5 rubber bands. I didn’t want a ton of color on mine so I didn’t go super heavy. I just flipped it, did the same to the other side and only let it sit for 1 hour. I really like when it kind of fades out lighter with it being darker in the middle and that’s exactly the effect I was able to achieve. I just cut about 3 inches off the bottom to crop it and love the way it turned out!

Tom rolled his and added rubber bands along the length of the shirt. And Knox/ I twisted his and let him choose the colors. To be honest, his is my favorite.


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