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I gave in and made something for someone else...the hubs

Tom has been asking me for MONTHS when I would make him something. I figured since he’s my husband and all I should probably pump the breaks on all the dresses, pants, skirts, and blouses I’ve been making for myself and make a lil something something for him. I thought long and hard about what to make him, and landed on a robe. I wanted it to be something I knew he would get a lot of wear out of. And to make it that much better I thought what if we had matching ones lol. I headed to JOANN and spent quite a bit of time in an isle I very rarely go to, the cotton section with all the fun prints. (check them out here). It was a freaking dream. There were so many options it was really hard to narrow down. Tom and I aren’t in the habit of taking ourselves too seriously so I wanted something that would make him laugh.

There were donut and pizza prints, super heros, you name it. I finally narrowed it down to this freaking adorable dog print. (LINKED HERE). I knew it would be a close call if there would be enough for two robes since there was only one bolt, but it looked like it hadn’t been cut.

I wanted just a simple pattern since I would be making two and came across Simplicity’s family pattern 1946 (LINKED HERE) Two in one? Yes please. I took my bolt up to the front, crossed my fingers that I had enough, and luckily I did!

I went with the XL for him and the XS for me. YOU. GUYS. It was such a close call once it was

all cut out. There wasn’t even an inch to spare!

These robes went together really quick which always a win for me. Tom was super surprised

and wears his all the time. If you’re looking for a fun quick make THIS IS IT.


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