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Layers, ruffles, and polka dots oh my

I'm so ecstatic that spring has sprung! For you guys who know me and those who don't, I am completely and utterly obsessed with the designer Johanna Ortiz. Her style is so fun and feminine. I love the bold prints, colors, and rules she incorporates in her style. I had my eye on the below skirt for a while. You've probably heard me drop this line before but when it comes down to a roof over my head or clothes and handbags I'm going roof every time. But lucky me knows how to recreate what I love about things that I find into something I can make within a reasonable budget, so once my inspiration is down I head to JOANN to see what fabric calls to me.

Crepe is one of my favorite fabrics. I love anything that just flatters the body, but has a lot of movement to it, and I feel crepe does both of those things for me. I found this fabulous polka dot crepe fabric, and then I also found a silky pink and brown fabric. LINKED HERE

If you watched my stories you know I couldn't decide so I let you guys vote, and the black and white polka dot won, so here we are.

I had been eyeing this Vogue pattern #v9349 for months and is very similar to one of the Johana Ortiz skirts I loved so I finally picked up that pattern as well. I decided to line the fabric with itself so I bought the entire bolt.

After cutting out the skirt, I decided to only line the connecting pieces and not the ruffles. I did a rolled hem on the ruffles with the serger and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I'm a big fan of wrapped skirts and dresses because you're guaranteed to get the perfect fit around the waist, so all I had to do was fit it to me and add the hooks. Overall the pattern is not difficult but it does take a bit of time with all the pieces (especially if you line the entire thing) I'm really happy with it and have a feeling I'll be making another in the shorter version. Stay tuned!


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