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Long time no blog

Maintaining a blog is TOUGH! As many of you know, I work full time, sew at night, and take photos with my mom on the weekends. It takes a lot of time and honestly, I didn't feel many people were reading the blog. Well, I was wrong. So sorry about being MIA! I'm BACK!

If there are certain patterns you've seen on my Instagram from months back, continue to holla at ya girl. I plan to go back and write blogs ( from the best of my memory) for the ones you've requested. So if you have questions on something specific please ask! I'm here to give advice or be a cheerleader when you want to scream and take a seam ripper to it, burn it, shred it, etc etc. I've been there!

Enough of the blah blah blah, let's get to it. Today I'm talking McCalls #m7813 and boy is it EASY! This one is for my girls who just need a win after some more complicated project, or someone who is just getting into sewing and needs an easy one.

Fabric: // Pattern: Mccalls #m7813

It's 4 total pieces sewn together at the sides. YOU CAN DO IT! And you can do it quickly. I didn't line mine, as you can see. And I'm totally happy with it. I'd like to go back and create this one with a crepe fabric for some extra fun flow. FULL disclosure she can blow open on ya REAL quick. Like Drake 0 to 100 REAL Quick ( If my husband sees this line he's rolling his eyes oh so hard). So I would suggest adding a snap a little lower, maybe around mid thigh.



Stacked Oxford shoes: LINKED HERE


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