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My Come Back Dress

I'm calling this my come back dress because it's really what's given me motivation to sew again. I saw this fabric and knew I had to make something with it! Linked here. (Also comes in blue!)

It's a really soft stretch knit fabric and was honestly very easy to work with. I would also highly recommend it to beginners because of the stretch. You can get away without having to add a zipper depending on what style you go with.

I really had a different look in mind than what I ended up with. I had intended to add puff sleeves, but as I started putting the dress together I felt the fabric would be too heavy and not work well.

I have quite a stash of patterns in my possession... I mean when JOANN does the $1.99 pattern sale I go a bit crazy. But who doesn't!? Anyway, I had McCalls pattern M7752 and decided to go with that. I didn't line the top ( just didn't feel the need to for this particular fabric ) and I was right. I also ditched the zipper and went with back snaps. I had every intention of sewing the top and bottom pieces together but thought, "I would really love this top with some high waisted pants".... and here we are!


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