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Not Your Boyfriends Blazer

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

If this jacket had a name it would be "Not your Boyfriend's Blazer". I love traditionally masculine styles and fabrics, and I'm all about that oversized look. So comfy. Am I right?

Joann's fabric had a big pattern sale. They typically run $15 plus so I bought at least 15 patterns (who's counting). This was one of them. I can't find the pattern on their website but this one is very similar.

I was OBSESSED with this wool fabric and thought it would be great for this particular pattern. The pattern had us leaving the edges raw, but it started unraveling like crazy, so I went back and picked up some ribbon. We lined the whole thing with this black ribbon. Added one black leather pocket, a couple of buttons and done!

Belt: Gucci

Booties: Nine West


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