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DIY so easy your (non DIY) husband could do it, and so fast you can do it during your kid’s nap. Now THAT is my kind of project friends.

I won’t even lie, with the pandemic, a baby, and a full time job, my sewing has fallen way behind. The ONLY sewing projects have been for the bebe, which is why I was so ready for a little creative project that I could do quickly for MYSELF.

I present to you resin jewelry. Ever heard of it? I had, but heard of it was it. After a bit of

Youtubing I felt I was basically a pro (turns out it’s totally foolproof but that’s neither here nor

there). I used all hildie & jo resin crafting pieces which included the UV resin, a UV light, some gold foil, and a couple different molds.

Charm mold linked here & Hoop earring mold linked here.

I’m 100% gold 100% of the time, so once I saw that gold foil I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I already had a cute dainty gold necklace in need of a gold charm so that’s what I made first.

I poured the resin into the mold, sprinkled in quite a bit of gold foil, placed it under the UV light and within 2 minutes I peeled the resin out of the mold and boom! It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. I did the exact same thing with the hoop earring mold to match (which comes with

the earring backs by the way). The charm and earrings turned out perfectly and are totally my style as I’ve been rocking the gold stack for some time now.

As y'all have come to learn, Tom likes to participate when it comes to my DIY projects so he wanted in on the action. Now the last time Tom and I had a “friendly” competition y'all voted for

his tie-dye shirt over mine. I feel VERY confident with my pieces over his this time. Just saying. But as always, you be the judge.

I plan to make several other pieces. The next on my list is a letter necklace. I saw hildie &; jo has letter molds that I intend to order linked here. I also saw during my Youtube tutorial watching a woman use flowers from her garden to make a necklace which I thought was really cool. So all that to say expect to see some more pieces!


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