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She get it from her (Grand) mama

As I've set out on my sewing journey I've learned it get's expensive FAST. Here I was thinking golfing was an pricey hobby.

My mom and I were working on another project and talking about how expensive fabric is when she asked me to follow her into the attic. She's kept fabric there for years, but there was a little box set to the side. Turns out, my grandmother had given my mom several yards of varying fabric years ago. It was really cool and meaningful to see, especially since my grandmother is no longer with us. As I looked through what she had left, I fell for this particular fabric.

My grandmother had great style and always loved the classics. I felt it had a bit of a Burberry vibe going on, and I can imagine that's why she bought it.

What I thought was especially cool was a small handwritten tag with the yardage, date, and price. It was over 20 years old!

I loved that this fabric had a story, at least to my mom and I, and I really wanted to bring it to life.

For this skirt, I chose Simplicity pattern D0718 . I love the way it turned out, and feel like it will last me a long time. I think my grandmother would be proud.

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