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Ya know, like sleeve attitude. Just wanted to make sure you got it.

A little pattern tweak can go a LONG way. Have you been shopping for a pattern and like it, but don't LOVE it? For me, it's typically something super simple that I can do differently to give it that edge or extra oomph I'm looking for.

I found myself changing up sleeves frequently. I touched on this with the blue dress (last post) and realized this is something I do a lot and haven't really made note of it. So here's my note.

I wanted to make a simple, EASY, pull over your head blouse. No button, no zipper, no nothing. I found Simplicity's #s8094. Cute right!? But what would make it even more cute? A big flowy sleeve to steal the show. I followed the pattern, and put in the sleeve as I normally would, but cut out a large triangle about 15 X 18 inches. I gathered the triangle to my sleeve, turned up and hemmed the bottom and vuala!


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