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Stain Resistant Fabric

DIY mama’s REJOICE! I’ve got the home decor fabric of your dreams and I’m here to spill the tea… or red wine… because it’s coming out!

Y’all. My little man is as messy as he is cute. And although I’ve certainly come to accept a certain level of yuck, I have certain places I like to attempt to keep clean -- one of which is the kitchen table (which is a hard ask I’m aware). However, I’ve put a new fabric to the test -- Crypton Home Decor fabric from JOANN and I’m giving it a 10/10.

I tend to gravitate toward neutrals when it comes to home decor ( yes I have a white couch with a wild little man and two dogs) because it just goes with everything. It’s easy to add color with different seasons that way. Well, I’ve just recently discovered a new home decor fabric from Crypton and I’ll probably cover my whole house in it. Not kidding.

I made a kitchen table runner with it and allowed my son to make a huge mess. I’m talking

ketchup, soy sauce… and let him rub it down into the fabric. All I did was wipe it off with a dry rag, and then spray on just dish soap and water mixed together. I scrubbed it with a little brush and it all came completely clean! I don’t want to be the mom that freaks whenever my kid or the dogs make a mess and now I don’t have to. Curtains are next on my list….


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