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I’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and this idea came from my mom. As yall know, I’m

knocked up ( my mom rolls her eyes when I say this and wants me to say “expecting," nah) and Tom and I are not the cool type of couple who just rolls with it and finds out the gender day of. Nope. I gotta know what kind of baby clothes I’m making duh. So anyways, we decided to have small family and close friends reveal party. My mom suggested that we make me a pink and blue dress for the reveal. Honestly, mom knew a lot of it would fall on her as I spent most of my days hugging a toilet at that point. TMI? Sorry. So off to JOANN (linked here) we went. I went into it not having a clue what pattern or type of fabric I was looking for. Honestly, I enjoy that though. As soon as I saw this fabric (embroidered fabric linked here) I knew that’s what I wanted. I mean...COME ON!

This is a linen blend with embroidered flowers on it and it’s so gorgeous! I found a really pretty dusty pink linen that I thought would go nicely. So now that I had my fabrics it was time to search for a pattern. This is my first pregnancy and I don’t have a clue what’s going on ever. I typically go for more form fitting clothes but wanted to get some wear out of this dress and so I knew I wanted something that would give me a bit of growing room. I found Butterick 6447 A pattern and thought it would be perfect for what I wanted. It would hopefully give me some growing room, and also had a super cute flirty low back.

The dress did go together pretty quickly. The only issue I ran into was the back gaped open a bit. This is probably because I went slightly larger than my normal size to play it safe, so I ended up having to take it in a bit down both sides, roughly half an inch. Overall I love this pattern and this fabric is EVERYTHING. It’s currently on sale so ya girl went back and bought it in gray. You’ll be seeing it again in a wrap dress!

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Jul 31, 2019

Kyra, you look so purdy!!!, LOL!!! I love this dress and your post have me dying laughing.

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