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The Maternity Catch All Dress

My body is constantly changing. As is to be expected. But with that comes quite a bit of challenges. One of which, what I’m I going to attempt to wear today. Will it fit? Drum roll…..

Well, JOANN (linked here) sent me some fabric that I felt worked for the summer season, but would also work for fall when I’ll be at my largest. Again, I did not pick out this fabric in stores and don’t believe it’s online yet, so I’ll link the the crepe fabric here I really wanted to make something that would get me through to the end. I already had Simplicity Cynthia Rowley’s pattern 8124 in my stash and knew it would be perfect. It’s an “easy to sew” and one size fits a few. I went with my normal size 8, ONLY because I knew this is a very oversized pattern. For reference, I’ve been making about 2 sizes larger than I normally would.

I didn’t quite stick to the pattern, but my hacks are SUPER easy. I wanted a midi length as I think that’s very flattering, especially with a bump so I lengthened the pattern quite a bit. I simply measured from under my arm to where I wanted it to hit, and also left a little extra for seam allowance. Also, to give it a little something something I left pretty high slits on either side.

The dress whipped together pretty quickly and would recommend for an easy project maternity or not. I always love throwing on a belt with fits like this to give shape to your body so that’s exactly what I did!


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