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the pattern switch up

Have you ever made something, but it on, and thought "meh"? This dress kind of did that for me at first. I LOVE the original pattern, but the ties hit me a bit lower than my waist as my waist sits very high, and I just didn't put it on and get "that feeling". You know the one I'm talking about? The one where you've been working on something for hours and hours, put it on, and just feel like you look like a baddie.

So I started looking at ways to change it into something I love. I give all the credit to mom on this one. I had thought about just making a little cardigan out of it. I knew I would wear the heck out of it that way, but mom pushed me to make it something more.

I ended up ditching the strings, because they were too low for my waist anyway. Then I just wrapped it around me without the strings to see if I would be happy, and I was. I hacked off about 5 inches and added some gold buttons which I already had. I added a button on the inside at the seam to hold it in place and BOOM now I love it.



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26 feb 2019

It looks amazing - I would have never thought to hack it with buttons! Gold buttons with cream are one of my favorite combos

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