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Walkin The Tracks

Warmer weather is here and I could not be happier. The month of May is my absolute favorite. Flowy light-weight dresses are a must, so that’s exactly what I decided to make this month. I actually had this Butterick pattern 6554 pattern in my stash since last year, but as I’m sure many of you can relate, projects stack up and you don’t always get to everything you planned. But this year I knew I wanted to make this dress. I went to JOANN with a pretty good idea of the type of fabric I wanted. I knew I wanted something lightweight and either silky or crepe and that’s exactly what I found. Gorgeous right!?

I can't find the fabric online, but I did see it in store on Sunday and it's on sale. Here's a photo with all the fabric details included, and here's a link to some fabric in the same color family online. LINKED HERE

The pattern probably took an hour and a half to two hours to cut out. There were ruffles on

ruffles on ruffles. I’m kidding, there weren’t that many especially considering some of my past projects.

I used my serger for rolled hem on the bottom as well as the top. I pretty much do this technique every time ruffles are involved. I like the way it looks and it does go faster.

It went together pretty easily, and I absolutely love it. The fabric is absolutely perfect. It has just enough structure, but still very flowy.

I’m starting to think I need more out of this fabric. What do we think of an off shoulder

blouse as well? What do you guys think!?


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