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Who doesn't love to come home to a little surprise!? I'm all about subscription boxes (just ask my husband.) I just love getting mail and curated boxes are the perfect thing to come home to, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with Confetti Collection.

What are the dets you ask? Every box is curated with a theme and delivered to your door every other month for $19.99 bucks (worth $50 retail). It's perfect for you, your kids, or friends.

But let's get to it, what was in my box?

A plethora of color! And if you know me, you know I'm all about color. Inside was one notebook. I go through notebooks FAST so this is something I will most certainly use. There was also a note pad. I'm constantly buying to do lists for groceries, chores, etc. so again, something that I would buy on my own. Other things include, coasters (perfect for my office) as well as files that I could also use in my office. There was also a cute wine glass (let's be real, I'll never have too many of those), and matching napkins.

Overall the box was fun and full things that I would have picked out for myself. Want a little fun in your life!? Go get a box for yourself HERE!


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