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Whoop! there she is

My fabric of choice wasn't a fan favorite at first but several of you commented on my sneek peek post that I turned ya, and I gotta say that's a pretty freaking cool feeling!

I'm sure if you've been following me any amount of time ya know I can't get enough faux fur. I knew for a while I wanted to make a fur/shaggy dress but knew I needed to be careful because it could go unflattering quickly. I spotted this fabric at Joanns and immediately knew I would turn in into a dress.

I knew it could go boxy on me so I wanted to do something fun with the neckline. That's why I went with Simplicity's #s8425. If you look at this pattern you'll notice the sleeves don't match what mine do. That's because I went off script. That happens sometimes!

I used the sleeve pattern included but made it into a full sleeve. I just gathered it at the top and bottom and added on a band since the fabric has stretch to it (only one way).

Aside from the sleeve I stuck to the pattern on this one. Overall thoughts: The fur wasn't messy, and was easy to sew with. It's VERY warm to wear which is great for me because I'm always freezing. If anyone decides to tackle this one please let me know! I'd love to see it.


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